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Bad Calls all day by CBMM at 18:23:58 CT on Monday 12/11/2017

I really don't like blaming the refs for lost games. This one was a bit over the top with bad and phantom calls. SUCKS BIG TIME!
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Shit! by Doc I at 22:43:52 CT on Sunday 12/10/2017

Ex Rams C Long and Foles. Shit!
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Goff V Wentz by Blain99 at 9:02:04 CT on Friday 12/8/2017

I like this read on these other 1-2 quarterback drafts going back to Plunkett/Manning. Had great seats at last week's game. Gurley is spectacular.
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Warner On Rams-Eagles by Coach King at 10:46:24 CT on Thursday 12/7/2017

And the better team is.....
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Playoffs by Coach King at 10:31:37 CT on Monday 12/4/2017

Yeah I said playoffs. The Rams can put themselves in a good spot to take the #2 playoff seed by beating the Eagles Sunday. Who'da thunk it?
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Auto spell by Boash at 15:51:03 CT on Sunday 12/3/2017

Agreed Duke, it's bit me many times on here
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sorry by DUKE at 11:36:20 CT on Sunday 12/3/2017

fucking autospell
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The game by DUKE at 11:08:45 CT on Sunday 12/3/2017

anyone aware of a Fox channel carping 8 today's game? much appreciated. if you're still alive hello "mailman"
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Chrissy Sims by CBMM at 21:53:36 CT on Tuesday 11/28/2017

Says Sean McVay is cheating talking to Goff on the line of scrimmage during the 15 seconds allowed for coach to QB communication... Punk sounded jealous... Hey Fuck off Sims!
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Goff Doubters No More by Coach King at 9:23:22 CT on Tuesday 11/28/2017

Well well well.
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Elvis Lives by Coach King at 9:16:57 CT on Tuesday 11/28/2017

This is always a safe spot to land, bitch, vent and cheer. Welcome back.
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Eyes Wide Open by Coach King at 9:12:45 CT on Tuesday 11/28/2017

Those that once pointed and laughed...laugh no more.
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Elvis Peacock by CBMM at 19:26:45 CT on Monday 11/27/2017

Coach King brought back the good luck for our boys... Safe to post again brother....
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Good sign by CBMM at 14:46:58 CT on Monday 11/27/2017

I'm sure I saw the Ghost of Bum Phillips on the sideline! The D made a stand and they can play with anyone....
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The Real Deal by Coach King at 14:17:43 CT on Monday 11/27/2017

Had a great time with family and friends. This team is just going to keep getting better, It was nice to see Drew leave with a rather large tuft of grass firmly wedged in is ass.
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McVay vs Martz by Doc I at 0:29:30 CT on Monday 11/27/2017

Our boy genius is something else! He is Martz without the arrogance. Love the buy in he has with the entire team. Still not understanding the use of Tavon. Definitely not WR material. Hopefully, he'll gadget something sometime this year. This team is fun to watch!
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Thanks Coach by Ninerbasher at 19:45:26 CT on Sunday 11/26/2017

Thanks for representing, Coach. Good to stick it to Payton and his boys. Run up the score on the Rams last year? Well you like that Sean? Fisher would have gift wrapped for them who dat punks. Good bless Sean McVay - a coach with a pair.
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Coach King by CBMM at 23:28:54 CT on Saturday 11/25/2017

Hey have a great time at the game brother! Hope you bring our boys some good luck!
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Stop the run by CBMM at 23:27:34 CT on Saturday 11/25/2017

The defense needs to step up or accept the fact their mediocre... Feed Gurley early and often.... Let Big Whit and Co. do what they do best, run block.... We need this one big time! Wade needs his D magic!
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Tough loss by Boash at 9:41:48 CT on Saturday 11/25/2017

You bet, and growing up a Ram fan I especially hated two teams. 49ers and Vikings. I still do which made this even harder to take. On the question of not losing another game this season. Hell no I didn't feel that way. But of the 3 Vikings, Saints and Eagles. I felt this was their best chance. I'm not expecting much out of them vs the other two. This one is still sticking in my craw.
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The Moment.... by Coach King at 11:07:45 CT on Monday 11/20/2017

.........Kupp fumbled really seemed to change the game. OUCH!
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Tough Loss by Coach King at 11:05:40 CT on Monday 11/20/2017

Not what I expected. That Said it was tight until the 4th quarter. Just a learning experience for a young team. it will be a great measuring stick to see how they come back at home against a very good Saints team. I will be there. Did anybody here think they would go undefeated the rest of this schedule?
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Thanks Elvis.... by CBMM at 22:59:17 CT on Sunday 11/19/2017

JINX ....Really, ya had to say it! I believe in JINXes I've been a Rams fan way to Long!
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Cornerbacks by CBMM at 22:57:19 CT on Sunday 11/19/2017

Okay, The weakness was obvious.... We need quality corners. PERIOD! WTF we let Jenkins go and we end up with a rookie Hatfield backing up Webster and bam, Thien runs wild... I could see the burnt all over his face.. Sure it was a team loss but the rookie sure was bad! They do need to shake this off, have some big time teams or bust!
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Goff n Kupp by GoRams13 at 19:42:14 CT on Sunday 11/19/2017

These two didn't shine today. Was disappointed with the play of both. Hopefully will get to play the Vikings again during the playoffs and win the more important contest. Saints and Eagles coming up. It's not gonna get any easier that's for sure. Go Rams !!
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Dang by Boash at 19:42:06 CT on Sunday 11/19/2017

They played so horse shit I kept expecting to see Fisher when the cameras rolled towards the Ram side line.
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Kupp by Boash at 16:49:57 CT on Sunday 11/19/2017

Possibly true, how ever. If he has shown he isn't ready to handle it, quit asking him to. Go Falcons... meh... if they had taken care of business it wouldn't be a concern. Winning by default is still losing. Fact is they got bitch slapped and took it. No way to sugar coat it.
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The Rookie by Doc I at 15:49:28 CT on Sunday 11/19/2017

I really think Cooper Cupp will be a great receiver at some point. He's a very good rookie making big plays from time to time. But his drop against Seattle (yes tough catch) could've been clutch. Today's fumble at the one really hurt. And the definite drop when we still had a chance was bad. We think of him as a 10 yr vet but he's just a rookie. Not pissed at him and certainly it wasn't just his fault, but the momentum shift to the Vikes sure was evident. Go Falcons!
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I'll say this too by Boash at 15:08:32 CT on Sunday 11/19/2017

Won't be popular here but is the truth. This defense isn't great. If you can't handle Keenum and the Vikings then you have big problem facing Brees and the Saints. A much better QB and running game than the Bikes presented.
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Well by Boash at 15:01:51 CT on Sunday 11/19/2017

They got punked. Oh well what do you do. Lost the turn over battle too. Sucks, a ways to go yet. Can't stand up to a top D
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My concern by Boash at 7:58:14 CT on Sunday 11/19/2017

Turn overs... they've only lost the turn over battle twice this year. Those are their two losses. Tough environment, tough defense, loud home crowd. Play smart and protect the ball.
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My Concern.......... by Coach King at 14:43:56 CT on Saturday 11/18/2017

........for tomorrow's game is crowd noise. The Rams have done well with the no huddle and a lot of that could be taken away with the noise. It would be a huge boon to get up early on the Vikes and shut that crowd up.
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Old Stuff by Coach King at 14:39:21 CT on Saturday 11/18/2017

I'm getting used to the "experts" calling for Rams failure and the impending collapse. I am also enjoying to the fullest watching the Rams exceeding all expectations on a weekly basis. Life is good for us and I believe the best is yet to come. One game at a time.
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So called experts by Boash at 6:12:54 CT on Saturday 11/18/2017

Been looking at a lot of opinions and the consensus seems to be that of the 4. Rams, Vikings, Eagles and Saints. It is the Rams that are destined to fall back into the pack. As Coach says time will tell tic tic tic.
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Fuck Fisher by CBMM at 3:44:58 CT on Saturday 11/18/2017

I have to rephrase that post... Fisher may have been coach when Snead drafted Gurley and Goff but I just can't give him the credit for those two.. He did have a eye for D players...
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Goff by CBMM at 10:55:11 CT on Friday 11/17/2017

Never saw anyone from the board saying Goff was a bust... MOST sane fans realized Fisher knew offensive talent just wasn't able to coach it.... He and Snead did draft a lot of great players... Fortunately we have a coach whe can relate to young athletes, This team should be solid for a long time... AWESOME to see Elvis is back!
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Film Breakdown by Coach King at 10:52:06 CT on Friday 11/17/2017

Great stuff right here. Enjoy!
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Idiot Rewind by Coach King at 9:48:25 CT on Friday 11/17/2017

Will the real ESPN idiots please step forward.
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Madden Commercial by Coach King at 11:06:39 CT on Thursday 11/16/2017

Somebody thinks Rams over the Steelers. LOL
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Re Elvis by Boash at 19:08:24 CT on Tuesday 11/14/2017

Toughest part of the schedule is an understatement. We will soon know exactly what they are made of. Contender or pretender. They've already far surpassed my wildest dream. I'm just along for the ride from here on out. Nothing but icing on the cake.
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