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Got the W by Coach King at 19:22:15 CT on Wednesday 9/11/2019

Thought offensive timing was a bit of and Goff was not as sharp as we have seen him. But we did win against a good team so I'm happy. The Saints are out for revenge so they better bring their A game. Hope Weddle returns and I hope Peterson takes his ghetto game to another city.
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Carolina by Sampson at 14:42:43 CT on Monday 9/9/2019

Definitely will take the W! Littleton is my POG. Without the INT, Fumble he caused/recovered I question whether we win.
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Game by Boash at 16:34:16 CT on Sunday 9/8/2019

I’ll take it!
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Game day by Boash at 11:11:05 CT on Sunday 9/8/2019

Well it’s a new season. I’m in favor of Mcvay giving the starters preseason rest to avoid injury. However this year they aren’t playing a poor Raiders team to open the season. If they start as slow in the first half this year as they did last. I don’t believe they will recover. My prediction for this year is 11-5
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Go Rams Go ! by GoRams16 at 22:10:53 CT on Saturday 9/7/2019

::::::Brushes ALL rust off the starters:::::: Road to Superbowl begins ... Beat the Panthers ! The Greatest Show on natural turf ! Goooooooooo Rams !!!!!!!!
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Incredible Video by Sampson at 10:41:17 CT on Friday 8/16/2019

Shared with CK yesterday. This video is an example of how fortunate we are to have Coach McVay. Ownership. Engagement with Coach Vermeil. Total Accountability. Unrelentingly positive.
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Coach King by TM at 16:12:44 CT on Thursday 8/1/2019

Thanks dude!
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Congratulations! by Coach King at 15:03:18 CT on Monday 7/29/2019

Very happy for you guys!!!
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TM by Blain99 at 14:16:04 CT on Sunday 7/14/2019

I think some of the guys are playing on other boards, LOL. There's a Coach King 2 on the Post Dispatch "NFL Talk". Anyone we know??
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Just checking in by TM at 12:15:39 CT on Wednesday 7/10/2019

Thanks Blain99 I guess no one else cares lol. I can't wait for the season to start so you guys come out and play.
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Blues by Blain99 at 2:08:53 CT on Saturday 6/22/2019

Enjoy, TM. What a turnaround!
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The St. Louis Blues by TM at 9:23:39 CT on Thursday 6/13/2019

Finally a Stanley Cup is in St. Louis.
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St. Louis Blues by Blain99 at 19:22:40 CT on Friday 6/7/2019

GO Blues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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St. Louis Blues by TM at 17:29:46 CT on Friday 6/7/2019

One win away from winning the Stanley Cup.
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Birthday by TM at 10:29:29 CT on Sunday 5/5/2019

Today is our friend Sampson's Birthday.
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Emanuel Hall by TM at 14:04:57 CT on Saturday 4/27/2019

Hope the RAMS bring this guy home in the late rounds.
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Sorry by TM at 14:04:55 CT on Saturday 4/27/2019

Emanuel Hall Highlights.
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Sorry by TM at 14:02:27 CT on Saturday 4/27/2019

Emanuel Hall Highlights.
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Emanuel Hall by TM at 14:01:12 CT on Saturday 4/27/2019

Hope the RAMS bring this guy home in the late rounds.
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Gurley insurance Policy by Coach King at 12:49:22 CT on Saturday 4/27/2019

Love the Rams picks so far. They are addressing the present and the future with solid middle round picks. My favorite pick is Taylor Rapp who shows football savvy beyond his years and is a total football player. he will be the "Kupp' of the Ram defense.
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2019 Draft picks so far. by TM at 11:35:29 CT on Saturday 4/27/2019

What do you guys think of the picks the RAMS have made and why did they keep trading down. I would like to know what they got in exchange I don't even think they have a 4th round pick. They better have a DB that's big enough to go head to head with DK Metcalf (Seahawks) he's not fast but looks like a load to take down.
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Kraft Miricle Whip by Coach King at 19:42:09 CT on Friday 3/22/2019

Now we know where it gets it's spicy/tangy flavor. :-)
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Souls for sale? by CBMM at 21:43:56 CT on Friday 2/22/2019

Damn... These are some sick fucks in New England... The TB12 Witchcraft is way out there. Evil. Him french kissing Kraft and his Kid, beyond the norm. Now the wonderful and good man get's caught buying gay sex. They aren't owned by Kraft. Looks like Satan's team to me. Rams Rule and always will.
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Robert Kraft by TM at 17:33:04 CT on Friday 2/22/2019

Spy gate, Deflate gate and now Tail gate.
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WTF TB12 Warlock wife's a witch.. by CBMM at 17:56:40 CT on Tuesday 2/19/2019

That and all the evil voodoo crap the Saints fans where up to... Just sayin'
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On The Mend by Coach King at 15:20:27 CT on Tuesday 2/12/2019

That Super Bowl went beyond the "gut punch" described by McVay. He forgot the swift kicks to the balls and the ego stomp. But hey a simple change of shorts and some Visine to hide the bloodshot eyes and I'm almost as good as new.
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Ramily Reunion Nice... by Clark Bales CBMM at 9:24:52 CT on Tuesday 2/5/2019

You all have been missed. Tip my hat once again to Big Papa Paul for carrying on Ye Ole Rams Message board since '94.. Now that's a DIE HARD !
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Bigroy by Blain99 at 21:55:05 CT on Sunday 2/3/2019

I know. He was like......fuck you guys, what's the point? I don't think Jared Goff slept last night.
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Hey brothers! by Bigroy at 20:08:28 CT on Sunday 2/3/2019

Greg the leg!!!!!!!
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Reflections by GoRams13 at 12:33:59 CT on Sunday 2/3/2019

Boash if you turn out to be our sacrificial Ram (pun intended) us Ram fans will owe you. I wanted to share a interesting story that happened to me the day we won the NFC Title. I mountain bike ride as often as I can. It gives me a chance to clear my head and reflect on things that are going on in my life. That day the Saint Ram game was heavy on my mind of course. I was saying to myself. I hope there isn't any controversial calls. I don't know if any of you recall the Rammy Whammy Towel? Well anyway I keep it in my room draped over the window curtain. I decided to hang it by the TV during the game. Haven't done that in years. Well after the score was 13 to 0. I said to myself. I think this is backfiring I better take it down. So I did and returned it to my room. After the game was over and we won. I said to myself. Hmm did it in fact backfire? Just thought I would share that. This game is a long time coming and I am a lil stressed out. I feel good about our chances. We have a hell of a lot more to prove than they do. Go Rams !!! Win !!!
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RamFan by TM at 12:15:34 CT on Sunday 2/3/2019

RamFan are you Dan?
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Feb 3 2019 by Boash at 8:47:22 CT on Sunday 2/3/2019

January 30, 2000 the Rams defeated the Titans in the Superbowl. I had pneumonia and was sick as a dog. My family was jumping up and down screaming in joy for me that they had won. I was too sick to really care. Fast forward to today, guess who woke up sick as a dog! An omen? As Coach has often said, time will tell...tic...tic....tic.
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SUPER BOWL LIII by Sampson at 20:27:49 CT on Saturday 2/2/2019

Dearest RAMILY!!!! May each of you have the best most enjoyable day tomorrow! Moment of silence for our RAM brothers and sisters that we’ve lost through the years. May they be watching from above cheering the Rams with us to VICTORY!
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Where the hell have I been for the last 10 years by RamFan at 12:32:05 CT on Saturday 2/2/2019

Damn coach all of them? Ramtrasher? NO. NO. When? Did he move to Texas? When I flew back and met him it was in Stlouis. We got drunk in that hotel bar. Ramfanhi? Hardcore? All cancer? Its me RamFan from Lets fuck them Pats up tomorrow
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Bruuuuce! by Ninerbasher at 10:25:01 CT on Saturday 2/2/2019

Good luck to the Rev getting the yellow jacket he deserved before now!
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Big Game 53 by Ninerbasher at 10:23:12 CT on Saturday 2/2/2019

Amen, CBMM and Coach! Nobody's going to rain on our parade. I understand human nature and the feeling they've been cheated out of a SB (which they weren't looking at the game as a whole), but that D-bag Coach and fans take the entitlement to a new level. After the long completion to Ginn near the end of regulation, Brees comes over to the sideline and tells Payton that they need to be smart here. But it fell on deaf ears. LOL. I think the SB key will be the D - contain the run and then put the pretty boy on his ass. Hoping to God we get the redemption we deserve! Beat them spying Deflatriots! Good luck Boys!
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The Real Bad Call by Coach King at 13:39:47 CT on Thursday 1/31/2019

It wasn't the PI missed call. It was Peyton's decision to throw and try to get a TD. Had they run 3 times and then kicked the FG the Rams would have got the ball back with about 30 seconds and zero time outs. Instead they passed 3 times and only took 11 seconds off the clock and the Rams didn't have to burn their time out. Stupid move. Then they get the ball first in OT and the Rams forced the pick. The Saints had every advantage in the game and the Rams had to overcome a ton to win it. The refs also missed 3 blatant facemask calls against the Saints. I don't hear the Saints talking about it. I also don't hear the Rams whining about it. The reason for the Saints loss is clear to me. Brass balls > empty sack. Go Rams!
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So called Blown call... by CBMM at 13:30:00 CT on Wednesday 1/30/2019

Seen that tape, then saw the voodoo magic edit that appears to show the ball 3 ft above Brocks hand.. Personally I saw the ball rotation and spin change.. That's my take... "Tipped" shouted by players, Good non - call that's football. Head-to-head contact... Damn, really after seeing Cooks, Woods and Kupp nearly killed by non called HTH hits... I just don't want to fuckin' hear it... SBLIII ~ Not going to predict but my old ass gut feeling thinks we're winning... Hope it's right..
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Blown call? Maybe not by Coach King at 11:03:08 CT on Monday 1/28/2019

Check it out.
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Links fine... Really is worth the read by CBMM at 1:22:39 CT on Monday 1/28/2019

Hope AD99 Suh Brockers and Fowler come to play... Big Whit and the Big Guys up front Push and Protect... The Trenches where it always has been won and lost, this game even with the massive hype isn't any different..
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