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Turn The Page Or Burn The Book? by Coach King at 12:58:09 CT on Monday 1/15/2018

I see it as turning the page to a new chapter in the book of Rams. Owners come and go but the horns live on. I have never rooted for an owner nor will I ever. I'm a Ram fan and proud of it.
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Loyalty over Location by Doc I at 0:50:10 CT on Saturday 1/13/2018

Having grown up in Hawaii...I chose the Rams over the Whiners. And more specifically- the LA teams over SF. That was the only thing on TV back in the 60s. LA, Anaheim, St Louis...they're all RAMS to me. Merlin Olsen, Roman Gabriel, Deacon Jones, Jack Snow, Trung Candidate, Chris Miller, Dan Pastorini, Tony Banks, Kurt Marshall and the gang. We're all RAMMIES for life. Go Sean, Todd, Aaron and Jared! Aloha!
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You CA. guys by TM at 21:43:39 CT on Thursday 1/11/2018

It's totally over in St. Louis for this RAM fan. Now you guys get to buy all the extra NFC WEST CHAMPIONSHIP gear and wear it proudly. I still wear my Super Bowl XXXIV hat and I have many for enough oil changes until I die lol. Let me know if Kohl's starts selling them cheap. I paid between $4 and a $1.29 for most of mine during the GSOT days. I can order them on line. Thanks in advance.
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Just The Beginning by Coach King at 11:40:58 CT on Wednesday 1/10/2018

Wish we could have notched a win so the players could taste it. I firmly believe the best is yet to come.
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Rams! by CBMM at 16:52:03 CT on Monday 1/8/2018

What a ride.... This season was great, instantly a team you can be proud of.. Credibility overnight ... This team was fun to watch and entertaining as can be. Sure, I'd of liked advancing and was hoping for the best. I honestly think the Rams were a little skittish and obviously nervous. After so many years of a terribly coached and untalented bunch, SUCCESS WAS ODD! I do look forward to next season.. Great to see the brothers posting again.. RAMILY!
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13 Years by Blain99 at 21:44:18 CT on Sunday 1/7/2018

Since the last time I felt pain like this. I'm probably a big baby but these playoff losses are hard on me. I feel like I've been run over by an airplane...or like I weigh about 500 lbs. Man, this is bad. best to all of the other fans here. There's more to deal with than football.
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Game by Boash at 18:18:02 CT on Sunday 1/7/2018

I think the inexperience played a role both in play and play calling. Too many pass plays when you are averaging 7 yes a carry and only rush about 16 times. Too many passes when the QB ain't completing many. Look they surpassed my wildest imagination this year. We'll just have to see where they go from here.
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Everyone by TM at 22:52:07 CT on Saturday 1/6/2018

I guess we'll see you all back next season.The best part of the game was when I saw Sampson on TV. How did you get such good seats dude?
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First two series by Boash at 19:35:00 CT on Saturday 1/6/2018

MY opinion after watching their first two series is Goff choked. Hopefully he calms down.
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Getting close to kick off by Boash at 17:13:09 CT on Saturday 1/6/2018

Nerves setting in. Julio Jones, Freeman, Coleman all worrying me. Gotta quit thinking about it and just trust Mcvay and company have them prepared.
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I was told........ by Coach King at 14:58:41 CT on Saturday 1/6/2018

........that the last few weeks my BBQ's looked like Stonehenge. Today the smoke rolls again! Love you guys. TM keep fighting brother.
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Coach King by TM at 12:27:27 CT on Saturday 1/6/2018

Sorry to weigh in last. I hope you have a speedy recovery and I am happy you will get to see the game today. Not been doing well myself but it's what comes with age and years of eating poorly, stress, and other things. Hoping to get off these scary medications I'm taking right now and be myself again. Well everyone enjoy the game tonight and enjoy all the giveaways at the game if you go. I still have mine from the Glory days of the St. Louis RAMS.
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Coach by Ninerbasher at 8:11:10 CT on Saturday 1/6/2018

I feel strongly that you will see your Rams win their first playoff game in a long fucking while today! Keep getting better!
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Blindfold by Blain99 at 18:16:27 CT on Friday 1/5/2018

So true...I had surgery for a detached retina 2 yrs ago and did the same thing as I healed. Covered up my healthy eye for a spell to see what being blind would be like. Amazing, high tech sensor thingys...eyeballs. Thank god there are skilled people who can fix these things. I am soooooooo effing ready for tomorrow!
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Coach by GoRams13 at 19:55:41 CT on Thursday 1/4/2018

I dunno who is more of an inspiration. Coach to the message board or Sean to the Rams. I'm so so sorry to hear of your vision issues. I just renewed my drivers license at the DMV and not to boast or brag but the eye test was quite easy for me. I appreciate my vision (as does anyone)soooooo much. So I cannot even begin to imagine what hell and torture it must be not to have any. I'm pleased to read that your vision is returning to all the way back. High 5's Go Rams !!!
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Coach by Boash at 18:38:21 CT on Thursday 1/4/2018

Prayers to you bro, Love Ya, stay tough, go Rams.
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Thanks by Coach King at 14:54:24 CT on Thursday 1/4/2018

Sometimes the dump truck of life just keeps running you over. I'm glad I was able to shake off the wounds. It was a horrible 2 weeks of blind living and not an easy journey through the surgery and recovery time. I got lucky. If you want to experience a pinch of that so you can appreciate your vision a little more just blindfold yourself or close your eyes and try and eat your dinner. Try no sight for 1 hour. Amazing how it turns your world upside down. ------Dr. visit went well today. Vision almost all the way back.
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Coach by Doc I at 0:02:17 CT on Thursday 1/4/2018

Sorry to hear the shitty news. My best positive thoughts for your recovery. May the Rams miracle help you as well. Aloha!
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Coach King by CBMM at 16:34:24 CT on Wednesday 1/3/2018

Boy Coach that really SUCKS... Hope you heal up with decent vision... I bitch about not seeing because letters are a blur. A pair of readers will fix that ..
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FYI by Coach King at 12:04:46 CT on Wednesday 1/3/2018

A couple weeks ago I lost the vision in my sighted eye due to a bleed within the eye leaving me totally blind. My eye was repaired surgically and I'm slowly regaining my vision. It was a humbling and scary ride. I recorded the games I missed but did listen to them. It was great to finally see the Rams destroy the Seahawks. After 2 weeks of totally blind I discovered I made a pretty shitty blind dude.
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Playoffs by Doc I at 23:45:27 CT on Tuesday 1/2/2018

Gotta beat Matt Ryan and Case Keenum. Coach em up Sean!!! Drinking beers at 3:15 Hawaii time. Whats on the grill coach? This team is FUN to watch!
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Playoffs by Doc I at 23:39:16 CT on Tuesday 1/2/2018

Gotta beat Matt Ryan and Case Keenum. Coach em up Sean!!! Drinking beers at 3:15 Hawaii time. Whats on the grill coach? This team is FUN to watch!
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Atlanta by Boash at 9:02:52 CT on Monday 1/1/2018

Is dangerous, also the most experienced playoff team in the NFC parings. Hoping for the best.
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Playing Atlanta by CBMM at 20:00:22 CT on Sunday 12/31/2017

Getting 'fresh' ...I agree with the approach but is wasn't perdy... They looked a lot like last year's squad... ummmm.. Mannion actually had decent numbers basically same as "jimmy the great" numbers minus the two TD's and INT's.. I'm way happy with how things worked out. Sure didn't want to see our D Front chasing Wilson or Newton.. We win this first rd by plenty Saturday Night... First Rams home night game since way, way back! RAMILY!
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Saturday night by Boash at 19:25:21 CT on Sunday 12/31/2017

Prime time on NBC next week 7:15 PM. Hope his plan worked. Saints loss means they still have the Vikings looming if they can get by the Falcons.
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9ers at the half by Boash at 16:51:32 CT on Sunday 12/31/2017

Not even being competitive. That's on Mcvay and his staff. A lot of teams are resting players today but still competing. These clowns are just going through the motions. Disgusting thing to treat your home crowd to. I'm beginning to believe some of the claims that they are trying avoid a possible divisional game against the Vikings. They just seem content to take an ass whooping and wait to see what happens next week.
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CBMM by TM at 15:20:55 CT on Sunday 12/31/2017

Thanks Bud!!! It's hard being me in St. Louis now.
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Whiner Week by Ninerbasher at 6:56:21 CT on Saturday 12/30/2017

It will be fun to squelch the GAropolo buzz with Mannion lighting up the scoreboard with the likes of Pharaoh Cooper, Josh Reynolds and Mike Thomas. They may even unleash Tavon. haha
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Seahawk Game by Coach King at 13:15:13 CT on Friday 12/29/2017

In a nutshell.
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The Mailman by CBMM at 13:57:56 CT on Tuesday 12/26/2017

It was just 3 short years ago... Fans in St. Louis were pissed and we long time Ram fans understood, however we also mentioned how good it feels when you stand by your team no matter what! Well TM now you can bask in the joy of staying loyal to your team and just how awesome it feels! Congrats to you Brother! Your one of the few and loyal!
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just enough by CBMM at 22:34:34 CT on Sunday 12/24/2017

Nice conservative game plan... Just a little goff and a few passes and walla, just like that we're NFC West Champions.... Sure is a terrific Christmas present!
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NFC WEST CHAMPIONS!!! by TM at 15:37:03 CT on Sunday 12/24/2017

Congrats guys!!! It's been a long time.
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Merry Christmas! And Happy Hanukkah by Ninerbasher at 7:38:44 CT on Sunday 12/24/2017

Hopefully we are all unwrapping the same thing under the tree - Well lookey here - the NFC West. Just what I always wanted!
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Re Shit by Boash at 8:42:45 CT on Thursday 12/21/2017

They better score touch downs. They replaced him with a guy with zero NFL experience who hit at 65% accuracy in college.
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Shit by Doc I at 23:17:30 CT on Wednesday 12/20/2017

The big GZee is out on IR. Didn’t know he had back problems. I did notice his kickoffs against the Hags were a tad short for him. And he had a lot of em. Next man up I guess. Let’s score TDs! This team is fun to watch!
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Elvis! by TM at 23:13:05 CT on Wednesday 12/20/2017

Somebody saw Elvis? Where?
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Game recap by TM at 10:47:47 CT on Tuesday 12/19/2017

For those who didn't see the game.
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Kickin Ass and Serving Notice by Ninerbasher at 19:01:29 CT on Monday 12/18/2017

The West (the national type) is the Rams' once more. Here's to dominating it for the foreseeable future. 12th man - hahahahahah. Pretty sure Wilson is seeing Donald in his sleep. Keep it up Gurley!
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Waterboy Chatter by GoRams13 at 19:46:21 CT on Sunday 12/17/2017

I'm glad they know the meaning of Urgency. Great Win Congrats !!! Go Rams !!!
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Playoff Bound... by CBMM at 19:15:52 CT on Sunday 12/17/2017

This is going to be a fun ride from here on out! Nice WIN!
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