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Promised land by TM at 11:06:01 CT on Sunday 1/13/2019

Getting closer my friends.
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Dallas game by Boash at 8:39:53 CT on Sunday 1/13/2019

Hat's off to the O line, Gurley , Anderson and the coaching staff. It was so good to see them go old school and cram the ball down their throats in dominating fashion.
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The game tomorrow by TM at 21:37:46 CT on Friday 1/11/2019

Good luck ladies and gentleman let's get a win. If the RAMS don't win tomorrow I'm not watching another RAMS game this season.
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Coaches..... by CBMM at 10:41:23 CT on Monday 1/7/2019

To real talented squads, I'm going to look at the Coaching.. McVay vs Garrett/Linehan on the offense.. Rod Marinelli vs Wade Phillips on the D.... We have the edge.. Mob Squad and Mark Barron need to show up...
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Playoffs-TM by Blain99 at 11:35:27 CT on Sunday 1/6/2019

I did not want the Seahawks (thanks Dallas). I would love to set things right with the Bears and kick their asses. Here we are again with the Rams in the playoffs. Its exciting but if they do go down...its always the worst day of the year for me.
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Playoffs by TM at 14:19:14 CT on Saturday 1/5/2019

So what team do you fear less and hope the RAMS play in the first game.
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Nice finish... by CBMM at 21:35:53 CT on Sunday 12/30/2018

13-3.. SWEET and a first round bye.. Damned near as good as it could could get.. Great overall TEAM win. They are hitting their stride as a unit, very good sign.. Agree Coach the boys are still with us!
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Jer by TM at 13:53:59 CT on Sunday 12/30/2018

I've tried all means to find out about Jer (TheRams1) I know we all miss him too. I would bet he is watching the game today with RT,Ramfanhi and HARDCORE. I might guess Carjac is also with them.
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C.J. TG and RT by Coach King at 12:23:12 CT on Sunday 12/30/2018

What a ride and it ain't over yet. Thankful CJ is in horns. I feel much better knowing that as we enter the playoffs we have a guy behind TG that can be productive. If we are going to make a Super Bowl run this is critical. -------RT ain't missing this. He just has better seats to watch than we do. He's still with us guys.
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NFL NETWORK AND OTHER SHOWS by TM at 13:50:46 CT on Friday 12/28/2018

No one mentions the RAMS much are they not news worthy? Maybe it means they're going to win the Super Bowl.
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We win vs Niners... by cbmm at 12:05:16 CT on Tuesday 12/25/2018

Gives us a first Rd bye and then the Dome... The Rams D is much better at this pt. then when we faced the Saints earlier this year.. We shall see... I know this Christmas I'm happy with 12-3 record... We've come a long way since Jeff Fisher and his 8th grade offense that couldn't get a first down, forget TDs... Merry Christmas DIEHARDS!
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There goes HFA through out. by TM at 22:06:25 CT on Sunday 12/23/2018

Oh well hope we get the easier teams first.
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Well I'm ready for the playoffs by Blain99 at 11:57:54 CT on Thursday 12/20/2018 TM- I always read "NFL talk" on the Dispatch web page. Mostly local Ram fans...a few bitter Kroenke-haters but they just get talked over. CBMM- We remember him calling her "Whorgia". Loved it when he called Joe Vitt Hoe Clitt.
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Well I'm ready for the playoffs by Blain99 at 11:10:40 CT on Thursday 12/20/2018 TM- I always read "NFL talk" on the Dispatch web page. Mostly local Ram fans...a few bitter Kroenke-haters but they just get talked over. CBMM- We remember him calling her "Whorgia". Loved it when he called Joe Vitt Hoe Clitt.
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TM by CBMM at 22:12:56 CT on Wednesday 12/19/2018

DieHards have superior football IQ's... What can you say man ! I like the CJ Anderson pick up... Malcolm Brown was great in Pass Protection and the word is this vet can protect the QB
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Ram fans in St Louis chat. by TM at 17:00:37 CT on Wednesday 12/19/2018

I joined this group and was added to the chat. I insisted that the RAMS needed to pick up a RB if they play to go more than 1 and out. Several of the pussies there asked that I be removed lol.
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C.J. Anderson by TM at 9:34:48 CT on Wednesday 12/19/2018

Anderson will add to this team in making it's playoff run!
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Blain99 by cbmm at 12:31:46 CT on Tuesday 12/18/2018

He might have even had a word for our hated dead owner Georgia Frontier... Yes it would have been EPIC!
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RT Missed by Blain99 at 10:47:29 CT on Monday 12/17/2018

He wouldn't mince words, for sure. He'd call everyone out and then end it with "Horshit abomination of a football team". Seriously, why can't these guys handle a bye week??
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The Trasher... by CBMM at 10:09:51 CT on Monday 12/17/2018

OMG I can see it in my minds eye... Diffidently a classic rant this wiped out Monday... Can this team regain what they were... I think the loss of Cooper Kupp was devastating... One and done in the playoffs...
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WWRTS by TM at 11:32:18 CT on Friday 12/14/2018

What Would RamTrasher Say.
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Just an honest question... by CBMM at 0:21:02 CT on Thursday 12/13/2018

What is going on with Michael Brokers... 1 sack 4 TFL How about the stellar play from Mark Barron... Slackers got to go !
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WWRTS by TM at 16:44:58 CT on Tuesday 12/11/2018

Lets see who figures out the Topic first.
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The Game... by CBMM at 15:19:33 CT on Monday 12/10/2018

Spot On TM... not much else to add, "A cluster Fuck" still 11-2 thankfully.. I'm confused by the lack of Gurley II and the total Jeff Fisher 8th grade offense... WTF
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The game? by TM at 9:26:41 CT on Monday 12/10/2018

What a Cluster Fuck!!!
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Defense... The Phenom... by CBMM at 8:10:58 CT on Tuesday 12/4/2018

Arron Donald... is this Rams team's Defense... We ride on AD99's back.. The BEST defensive player I've seen since L.T. and becoming just as dominate as that living legend... I'll call him MVP because he can change any game pretty much anytime he chooses... 16.5 and closing in on 22.5.. If AD99 maintains his current dominance, we'll be SB53 Champions... How we Diehards deserve it !!! ps TM been seeing more and more St Louis Rams fans outing themselves, hope things are getting better on your end... Horns Up Ramily !
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TM...... by Boash at 19:28:19 CT on Monday 12/3/2018

Yep NFC West Champs, 2 straight year's. Been a while since we could all say that. Let's see what Mcvay and company learned from last year and where they go with it.
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NFC WEST CHAMPIONS!!! by TM at 17:30:53 CT on Sunday 12/2/2018

Well guys they did it!!!
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Cowboys I thank you. by TM at 22:44:34 CT on Saturday 12/1/2018

Now our RAMS need to beat the Lions. Good luck my Ramily!!!
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Monday Night Football by TM at 18:54:44 CT on Thursday 11/29/2018

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The Coach McVay Show by Coach King at 9:27:16 CT on Tuesday 11/27/2018

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Coach King... by CBMM at 19:25:39 CT on Tuesday 11/20/2018

LMAO on proper way to tackle...
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What a game... by CBMM at 19:19:37 CT on Tuesday 11/20/2018

What a game for the offenses... Big Roy damned nice to see you post Brother... TM I knew this would be extra special for our Brother out there in Rams hating Chiefs country Special Hell Yeah for you man... This game was made for a MNF in L.A. it was just what they needed.. Plus 90,000 at the Coliseum, never thought I'd see that !! Horns Up Ramily ! Hope your sight is improving CK !
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Rams victory by TM at 11:50:28 CT on Tuesday 11/20/2018

It was so nice not to take crap from my St. Louis friends that now hate the RAMS. With the Schedule I think we can win one more game to take the NFC WEST.
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Shakira by Ninerbasher at 6:42:44 CT on Tuesday 11/20/2018

Rams may owe the high-flying win to Shaikira and the shitty Mexican field conditions. Golf continues to show why he was #1. Everett and Reynolds are taking uo the slack in Kupp's absence. How bout Ebukam?! Donald continues his havoc wreaking. Talib back after bye 10-1!! Lot to be thankful for! Enjoy your Turkey Day fellas!
Posted from: 2601:249:4100:5b00:e173:6545:884:80c5

Been here the whole time!!! by Big Roy at 23:23:43 CT on Monday 11/19/2018

Rams win!!!! Helluva game , WOW!!!!
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FYI by Coach King at 17:14:51 CT on Monday 11/19/2018

The proper way to tackle a NFL QB.
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@ this point Greg Williams would.. by CBMM at 11:03:28 CT on Tuesday 11/13/2018

This defense needs to roll like bad asses , and just maybe have a little attitude out there.... WTF happened to Killer D's.. has the NFL built a pussified game where contact is to be avoided... THIS LEAGUE IS SELF DESTRUCTING... flag football coming soon!
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Peters by Coach King at 11:47:04 CT on Monday 11/12/2018

He couldn't cover me.
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Defense by Boash at 16:07:35 CT on Sunday 11/11/2018

May be time for Wade to go. You can only live off your rep for so long. They have under achieved for 2 years now. Weak link has been the D.
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