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The Suoer Bowl by TM at 7:53:44 CT on Monday 1/20/2020

OK guys and gals who will you be rooting for in the Super Bowl? I'm going with the Chiefs because they're from my home state.
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Paul by Coach King at 13:53:32 CT on Thursday 1/9/2020

Happy new Year my friend! I'm ready for the 2020 Rams to return to their winning ways.
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Testing testing 1-2-3 by Paul at 11:12:00 CT on Friday 12/27/2019

Just moved the site to a new server... making sure it still works! Happy new year everybody.
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Fight by Sampson at 16:24:11 CT on Thursday 12/26/2019

Excited to see some FIGHT on Sunday from the team. Will be interesting to see how much pride these guys have. Will they pack it in, and go through the motions, or will they seriously be all in to finish strong!!! There are a few players that I know would play all in even if it was a pickup game in the backyard... There are others, however, that my gut says they'll keep the car running because they can't wait for the season to end. We shall see!
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DONE by CBMM at 22:15:34 CT on Sunday 12/15/2019

Calling it a season gentleman. The Cowboys crushing this squad was just too much to take. We can't play with this oline next year. It ain't Jeff Fisher ugly but it's ugly. Tides change so fast in the NFL. 2020 SB55 or Bust
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Fanimals by Sampson at 10:47:16 CT on Thursday 10/31/2019

Great to see the RAMS fans in the UK! I listened to a Rams Podcast, and one of the leaders of the UK Rams fanbase said there were at least double the fans in 19' than there were in 17'. This is going to sound lame, but I believe once they get their new uniforms, as well as stadium we'll see another bunch of fans join up. Of course the #1 way to get fans is to WIN WIN WIN and WIN! Go Rams!
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LA RAM FANS by TM at 18:53:40 CT on Saturday 10/19/2019

Let's see how well RAM fans travel.
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LA RAM FANS by TM at 16:57:41 CT on Saturday 10/19/2019

Let's see how well RAM fans travel.
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This weeks game by Falcon's Nest at 11:45:40 CT on Friday 10/18/2019

Get ready to be torn apart by the talons of our Falcons. I was hoping for a good game but your star players are going down fast.
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Ramsey trade by Boash at 12:07:20 CT on Wednesday 10/16/2019

Don’t like it, don’t like it at all 2 1sts was too much for this for him. Plus he’ll want Donald money to resign. They already screwed up signing Goff long term.
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He didn't sell his ticket? by CBMADMAN at 1:07:01 CT on Tuesday 10/15/2019

I get the point TM... It sucks, the southland aint what she used to be... And these newbie bandwagoners in L.A. make me sick as well....
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CBMADMAN by TM at 9:03:48 CT on Monday 10/14/2019

CBMADMAN don't get upset, Ninersrule was a RAM fan last year he just changed his jersey this season when the RAMS lost two games in a row. He is just a Bandwagon BITCH.
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Hey FUCK OFF YOU PUNK BITCH BOYS... by CBMADMAN at 21:28:27 CT on Sunday 10/13/2019

You kids have no fucking respect. This ain't FB or Twitter want to talk trash go there... Or just FUCK OFF AND SUCK ALL OUR OLD BALLS! We have a man on board that can track ya like a fucking blood hound. The mood I'm in and few hundred miles would be a nice drive to kick a niner fans ass... just sayin' RAMS4LIFE Motherfuckers....
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LA RAMS by Ninersrule at 12:12:08 CT on Saturday 10/12/2019

Yeah in the Rams house we will be 6-0. Too bad your star RB, MLB, and shutdown CB are out, this should be an easy win.
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Hawster by TM at 10:46:16 CT on Sunday 10/6/2019

Good luck on your operation glad you are finally having a " ADDADICKTOME.
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Hawster by TM at 10:06:23 CT on Sunday 10/6/2019

Good luck on your operation glad you are finally having a " ADDADICKTOME.
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Blain99 by Hawkster at 23:22:10 CT on Saturday 10/5/2019

Blain99 thanks they were designed by a great mind related to TM from this site. Where the fuck is he? He would kicked my ass off this board he must be crying in his beer.
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Hawkster by Blain99 at 1:05:40 CT on Saturday 10/5/2019

BTW...nice Buzz Lightyear pajamas you got for uniforms.
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Blain99 by Hawkster at 22:01:28 CT on Friday 10/4/2019

Well it was a good game and really good for me because we won!!! I won't go with the extra dick the only meat I eat is Lamb and to the victor goes the spoils. After all you eat what you kill lmao!!! All you guys are lame or should I say Lambs! Your team is where they should be in next to last in the NFC WEST and who's on TOP! THE HAWKS!!!
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Hawkster by Blain99 at 23:55:27 CT on Thursday 10/3/2019

Congratulations. Shove an extra dick in your mouth tonight.
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SOSAR by Hawkster at 12:34:32 CT on Wednesday 10/2/2019

You guys are toast this season because you won't get past the Seahawks 12th man rules!!!
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Boash by TM at 6:00:43 CT on Monday 9/23/2019

I agree but the RAMS WON!!! The board members are getting older and we lost almost an equal amount of posters because they died or just left. I myself have tried to promote this site to younger RAM fans but none are coming or only post once. I still hear breathing out there from non posters and I think the way the guys meet them with trial by fire might have kept them from contributing. We all are getting older and have health problems. Many of us keep in touch with each other on our FB pages and other RAM sites. I think we owe it to this board to keep it alive so get on those posts and share your thoughts, get family and friends to join in, Let's make this site great again!!! GO RAMS ALL THE WAY TO THE SUPERBOWL!!!
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Browns by Boash at 19:25:55 CT on Sunday 9/22/2019

This kinda had the feel of Chicago last year. This is the Browns Super Bowl/coming out party. Hopefully the Rams show up this year unlike last year in Chicago. ......Is it just me,or is this board dying?
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Got the W by Coach King at 19:22:15 CT on Wednesday 9/11/2019

Thought offensive timing was a bit of and Goff was not as sharp as we have seen him. But we did win against a good team so I'm happy. The Saints are out for revenge so they better bring their A game. Hope Weddle returns and I hope Peterson takes his ghetto game to another city.
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Carolina by Sampson at 14:42:43 CT on Monday 9/9/2019

Definitely will take the W! Littleton is my POG. Without the INT, Fumble he caused/recovered I question whether we win.
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Game by Boash at 16:34:16 CT on Sunday 9/8/2019

I’ll take it!
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Game day by Boash at 11:11:05 CT on Sunday 9/8/2019

Well it’s a new season. I’m in favor of Mcvay giving the starters preseason rest to avoid injury. However this year they aren’t playing a poor Raiders team to open the season. If they start as slow in the first half this year as they did last. I don’t believe they will recover. My prediction for this year is 11-5
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Go Rams Go ! by GoRams16 at 22:10:53 CT on Saturday 9/7/2019

::::::Brushes ALL rust off the starters:::::: Road to Superbowl begins ... Beat the Panthers ! The Greatest Show on natural turf ! Goooooooooo Rams !!!!!!!!
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Incredible Video by Sampson at 10:41:17 CT on Friday 8/16/2019

Shared with CK yesterday. This video is an example of how fortunate we are to have Coach McVay. Ownership. Engagement with Coach Vermeil. Total Accountability. Unrelentingly positive.
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Coach King by TM at 16:12:44 CT on Thursday 8/1/2019

Thanks dude!
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Congratulations! by Coach King at 15:03:18 CT on Monday 7/29/2019

Very happy for you guys!!!
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TM by Blain99 at 14:16:04 CT on Sunday 7/14/2019

I think some of the guys are playing on other boards, LOL. There's a Coach King 2 on the Post Dispatch "NFL Talk". Anyone we know??
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Just checking in by TM at 12:15:39 CT on Wednesday 7/10/2019

Thanks Blain99 I guess no one else cares lol. I can't wait for the season to start so you guys come out and play.
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Blues by Blain99 at 2:08:53 CT on Saturday 6/22/2019

Enjoy, TM. What a turnaround!
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The St. Louis Blues by TM at 9:23:39 CT on Thursday 6/13/2019

Finally a Stanley Cup is in St. Louis.
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St. Louis Blues by Blain99 at 19:22:40 CT on Friday 6/7/2019

GO Blues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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St. Louis Blues by TM at 17:29:46 CT on Friday 6/7/2019

One win away from winning the Stanley Cup.
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Birthday by TM at 10:29:29 CT on Sunday 5/5/2019

Today is our friend Sampson's Birthday.
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Emanuel Hall by TM at 14:04:57 CT on Saturday 4/27/2019

Hope the RAMS bring this guy home in the late rounds.
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Sorry by TM at 14:04:55 CT on Saturday 4/27/2019

Emanuel Hall Highlights.
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