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The Game... by CBMM at 15:19:33 CT on Monday 12/10/2018

Spot On TM... not much else to add, "A cluster Fuck" still 11-2 thankfully.. I'm confused by the lack of Gurley II and the total Jeff Fisher 8th grade offense... WTF
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The game? by TM at 9:26:41 CT on Monday 12/10/2018

What a Cluster Fuck!!!
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Defense... The Phenom... by CBMM at 8:10:58 CT on Tuesday 12/4/2018

Arron Donald... is this Rams team's Defense... We ride on AD99's back.. The BEST defensive player I've seen since L.T. and becoming just as dominate as that living legend... I'll call him MVP because he can change any game pretty much anytime he chooses... 16.5 and closing in on 22.5.. If AD99 maintains his current dominance, we'll be SB53 Champions... How we Diehards deserve it !!! ps TM been seeing more and more St Louis Rams fans outing themselves, hope things are getting better on your end... Horns Up Ramily !
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TM...... by Boash at 19:28:19 CT on Monday 12/3/2018

Yep NFC West Champs, 2 straight year's. Been a while since we could all say that. Let's see what Mcvay and company learned from last year and where they go with it.
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NFC WEST CHAMPIONS!!! by TM at 17:30:53 CT on Sunday 12/2/2018

Well guys they did it!!!
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Cowboys I thank you. by TM at 22:44:34 CT on Saturday 12/1/2018

Now our RAMS need to beat the Lions. Good luck my Ramily!!!
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Monday Night Football by TM at 18:54:44 CT on Thursday 11/29/2018

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The Coach McVay Show by Coach King at 9:27:16 CT on Tuesday 11/27/2018

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Coach King... by CBMM at 19:25:39 CT on Tuesday 11/20/2018

LMAO on proper way to tackle...
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What a game... by CBMM at 19:19:37 CT on Tuesday 11/20/2018

What a game for the offenses... Big Roy damned nice to see you post Brother... TM I knew this would be extra special for our Brother out there in Rams hating Chiefs country Special Hell Yeah for you man... This game was made for a MNF in L.A. it was just what they needed.. Plus 90,000 at the Coliseum, never thought I'd see that !! Horns Up Ramily ! Hope your sight is improving CK !
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Rams victory by TM at 11:50:28 CT on Tuesday 11/20/2018

It was so nice not to take crap from my St. Louis friends that now hate the RAMS. With the Schedule I think we can win one more game to take the NFC WEST.
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Shakira by Ninerbasher at 6:42:44 CT on Tuesday 11/20/2018

Rams may owe the high-flying win to Shaikira and the shitty Mexican field conditions. Golf continues to show why he was #1. Everett and Reynolds are taking uo the slack in Kupp's absence. How bout Ebukam?! Donald continues his havoc wreaking. Talib back after bye 10-1!! Lot to be thankful for! Enjoy your Turkey Day fellas!
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Been here the whole time!!! by Big Roy at 23:23:43 CT on Monday 11/19/2018

Rams win!!!! Helluva game , WOW!!!!
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FYI by Coach King at 17:14:51 CT on Monday 11/19/2018

The proper way to tackle a NFL QB.
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@ this point Greg Williams would.. by CBMM at 11:03:28 CT on Tuesday 11/13/2018

This defense needs to roll like bad asses , and just maybe have a little attitude out there.... WTF happened to Killer D's.. has the NFL built a pussified game where contact is to be avoided... THIS LEAGUE IS SELF DESTRUCTING... flag football coming soon!
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Peters by Coach King at 11:47:04 CT on Monday 11/12/2018

He couldn't cover me.
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Defense by Boash at 16:07:35 CT on Sunday 11/11/2018

May be time for Wade to go. You can only live off your rep for so long. They have under achieved for 2 years now. Weak link has been the D.
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Draft picks by TM at 15:19:43 CT on Monday 11/5/2018

Do we have any left?
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Weakest Link by GoRams13 at 14:21:37 CT on Monday 11/5/2018

Marcus Peters nuf said. They say since Talib went out hes not as effective. That's nonsense. Your bookend at CB don't make you good. Hes just a failed acquisition. Now they're saying we are at the half way point and we should give him the rest of the season to see if hes worth keeping and that Talib will be back soon. Too bad Shields was under the weather. I would rather have him in there. I'm thinking like when we won the SB. The Titans beat us during the regular season but we beat them in the SB. The ONE that counted. I'm thinking that applies here as well. Cause I doubt we would beat the Saints twice. So let them have this one and will have the next one. The one that's going to count more. When will be HUNGRY for revenge. Don't forget. Emotion is a BIG factor in this sport. Go Rams !!!!!!!!!! PS: Hey Coach sorry to hear about your vision issues. Get well soon!!
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Okay w/Loss but not our DEFENSE by CBMM at 7:01:11 CT on Monday 11/5/2018

Damn.. still smelling burnt Marcus Peters... Stinks
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Saints by Boash at 15:58:50 CT on Sunday 11/4/2018

How can the Rams D be this effing pathetic!
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Saints by Coach King at 15:51:35 CT on Thursday 11/1/2018

Big test. Time to wake up the world!---------WHOSE HOUSE?!
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Battle of the Cal QBs by Ninerbasher at 5:04:38 CT on Sunday 10/28/2018

Goes without saying my view of the whiners. So funny the lofty predictions of the Bay City pantyliners. Todays game? I think one of the Cal QBs is going to be running (limping) for his life. Rams are well equipped to go into shoot-out mode. However, I don't think it will be necessary. We have the best closer in the game in TG!
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49er's by CBMM at 19:30:05 CT on Wednesday 10/24/2018

Towards the end of the 3rd Quarter I began to fell sorry for them.... Nah that's bullshit, I wanted a Mannion to Brown TD Drive ! Bitches got what they deserved... Now on to a team I respect... Green Bay and Arron Rodgers, Matthews and Co.. Should be a good one Sunday... 7-0 feels so good... Horns Up !
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CBMM by Boash at 19:26:34 CT on Monday 10/22/2018

You're damn right. Add in that Vikings. The two that I most despise..SF front of the line. Minnesota a close second from days of my youth.
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49er / puke fans... by CBMM at 22:08:33 CT on Saturday 10/20/2018

It's our annual first game vs the pantie-liners... The only team in the NFL that I truly hate... I hate them because of the bullshit we took during the nineties.. 17 fucking losses in a row... Now I see "Rams fans" wishing the niners the best of luck !!! Obvious bandwagoners, reminds me of '99 Horns Up !
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6-0 by Coach King at 12:40:51 CT on Monday 10/15/2018

Bottom line.
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Rams vs. Broncos by TM at 13:41:24 CT on Sunday 10/14/2018

Hope our CA. boys can handle the snow. GO RAMS!!!
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TM by CBMM at 0:41:44 CT on Friday 10/12/2018

That hit on Cooks made me sick to my stomach... Not like he tried to avoid the contact, he launched into it. MY MAIN BITCH... HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN EJECTED. A accidental hand to the QB's helmet and we have roughing the passer, why not when they try to kill a WR !
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Game Replay by TM at 11:03:35 CT on Wednesday 10/10/2018

I just watched the game this morning and the no calls and the out of bounds none call resulting in a TD was blatant mishandling of the instant replay. The hit on Cook was helmet to helmet which should have been a 15 yard penalty against Seattle and the player ejected from the game. I'm not too worried about Denver and possibly being two WR down. I just hope they are able to come back the next game.
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Refs.. by CBMM at 12:45:25 CT on Tuesday 10/9/2018

Bad enough having to play at the link in Seattle we have to battle against... blatant bad calls, and Seattle fucking with McVays communications (Early time outs)... The endzone TD pass where the WR stepped out, clearly out! The spot in the 4th where Guyley had made a first by 2 or 3 yards... Holding/tackling Arron Donald all night. ect, ect... I do understand they needed a game like this, for a TEAM effort.. Hats off to Sean 'Balls of steel' McVay, aggresive call at the end of the game ! Horns Up RAMILY !
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Cook by Boash at 9:43:14 CT on Monday 10/8/2018

How was that hit on him not a penalty? I also saw #33 try to clip a few other players in the helmet a few other times.
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Truth Coach by Ninerbasher at 22:33:18 CT on Friday 10/5/2018

I’m assuming your vision is better. Godspeed. I am so happy that Goff is making so many eat crow. Tho, some just quietly jump on the bandwagon hoping we forget their failed analysis of the guy. I think we are in for a special season, guys (a 19 year flashback??) McVay is the maestro. Happy to live it with you guys.
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Goff......White White Hot by Coach King at 14:45:40 CT on Thursday 10/4/2018

Goff was on fire on Thursday Night Football, and while the Rams offensive scheme put their playmakers in position to make plays, Goff’s pinpoint accuracy on the night was just as important to their overall success. On throws traveling 20+ yards downfield, the number one selection in the 2016 NFL Draft went five-for-five for 190 yards and four touchdowns."---------Not bad for a system QB LOL
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Goff by Boash at 9:44:31 CT on Wednesday 10/3/2018

Nope Coach, now he's just a system qb.
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Goff by Coach King at 21:17:58 CT on Tuesday 10/2/2018

I guess we won't be hearing any more experts talking about Goff being a bust.
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Spell check sucks by Boash at 7:47:00 CT on Sunday 9/30/2018

It's always a pain but how it ever turned Thielen into Thailand I'll never understand.
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TM...... by Boash at 7:40:09 CT on Sunday 9/30/2018

Not every team has a Diggs, Thailand, and Rudolph. This Vikings team spent two weeks preparing for this game and looked straight past Buffalo. That's why they got their rears handed to them in that game.
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TM... by CBMM at 18:02:40 CT on Friday 9/28/2018

The Defense may get down to serious business week five against Seattle.. With Suh and Donald starting to get sacks and stops behind the line of scrimmage, the D-Back may have a field day.. Marcus Peters is fine and played every D Down last night.. Shields will continue to get better, then Talib should be back, the ankle was best case scenario given they has to have surgery.. (no structural damage) So very long answer is 'They will be fine ! Horns up RAMILY
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LA RAMS by TM at 11:36:47 CT on Friday 9/28/2018

Well the RAMS are 4-0 and are firing on all cylinders on offense the only problem is you can't always win games when you give up over 30 points. The secondary looked pretty bad without their starting two CB's being hurt, one not playing and the other with a bad wheel. The question is can we still win with backups?
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